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Practical Mediation Workshop

This interactive workshop is designed to concretise an understanding of the mediation process, increase mediator’s ability and confidence in the process, provide practice sessions to position mediators for certification, and enhance cognitive restructuring, self-expression and sensitivity toward the mediation process.

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Family Mediation and Divorce Conflict Skills

This 5-day workshop provides insightful discussion on the skills required for effective mediation in Divorce conflict and Family Mediation.

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40-Hour Mediation Skills Workshop

Mediation is a highly effective dispute resolution alternative used to settle disputes outside the courtroom.

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Ad 7Dispute Avoidance Board Workshop

Dispute Avoidance Board Workshop

Our workshop will introduce participants to the practice and procedures of Dispute Boards (DB and DAB) and use case studies to involve the participants in considering the processes of establishing and working with Dispute Boards as well as examining the contractual basis for their operation.

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Essentials of Good Industrial Relations Practice

This workshop is aimed at equipping supervisors and managers with the best practice methods on how to professionally manage labour and industrial relations.

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