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September 12, 2018
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Friction in the workplace is inevitable. Unresolved or festering problems can hamper organisational productivity, performance and financial output if not dealt with effectively. Therefore, when there is prevailing tension between team members within an organisation, simple proactive solutions can prevent or at least minimise office disputes. Here a few tips to quell workplace disputes:

 Do Not React with Anger

In the midst of a heated situation, one of the simplest techniques used by mediation professionals is to stop and listen. Reacting with anger often leads to an increasingly hostile environment that can lead to miscommunication and impair fair solutions to the problems that are affecting your team.

Acknowledge your share of the problem

Perhaps the reflex thing to do in situations of office disputes in the workplace is to cast blame on the mediatioinopposing party. However, establishing your share of the problem helps to remove assumptions and blame so that when a resolution is reached, it is a fair and beneficial one for the organisation.

Open Communication

Another proactive approach to resolving issues in the office is to invite the disputing parties to a safe space where they can openly communicate their problems and come to a resolution on their own. This engenders teamwork and fosters a better flow of communication within the organisation.


You can also consider asking the disputing parties/opposing parties to work together on a project/work assignment that helps them to solve a problem of their own. This activity helps co-workers appreciate each other’s contribution to the team and makes for better teamwork.



Train Managers as Mediators

Having highly competent leaders on a team is a sure way to improve your company’s performance. This extends too to their capacity to manage conflict effectively. Managers and supervisors that simply ignore or impose workplace policies that do not seek the best interest of their team are essentially putting the success of their company at risk. Consider making your workplace a highly effective one by investing in Conflict resolution mediation training to help your office heads make better informed fair decisions that are fair, empathetic and profitable for your employees and your business.

If you’re looking for ways to dispel and manage the problems in your office, consider the professional mediation services of Dispute Resolutions Centre. Outfitted with a qualified team of specialised mediators trained in various sectors, DRC also invites mediation training services to help you take matters into your own hands.

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