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Thank you for your interest in joining the Dispute Resolution Centre in Partnership with the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Please take a few moments to thoroughly read and fill out the form.


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Why Join Us

An important aspect of this push to create interest in using ADR includes a major upgrade of our website and online presence generally. As we prepare to launch our new website in a few weeks we would like to offer all our mediators the opportunity to participate in a membership value-added programme that we hope will create a greater profile for you as mediators and arbitrators. We also want to extend to you some of the benefits offered by the Chamber to its members.

What we are offering our DRC mediators and arbitrators is access to all the Chamber benefits and dedicated profiling on the DRC website and joining and online Community of Practice. You can choose to make use of either to Chamber MVA benefits or the profiling on the DRC website or both or, of course neither. This is an opportunity that we have negotiated for our mediators/arbitrators and will in no way affect your membership on our roster.

The cost of the total package is TTD$2000.00 per annum
Chamber MVA benefits only TTD$ 1400.00
DRC profiling and Community of Practice only TTD $800.00

The programme is designed to give members real cost-savings in a number of categories.

These include,

• Group Life and Health Insurance Options (designed for SMEs who may not usually qualify for group plans)
• USD International Medical Plan and TTD Large-Cap Medical Insurance Coverage for up to TT$7M
• Home and Vehicle Insurance (competitively priced options)
• Dining and Entertainment (for hosting lunch meetings or entertaining clients, suppliers and overseas reps)
• Hotel Accommodation in Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana
• Venue Rental Facilities in Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana (for hosting meetings and commercial events)
• Courier Services – sea and air
• Storage Facilities
• Dry Cleaning
• Office Furnishings and Equipment
• Special Venue Rates at the T & T Chamber Building
• Data and Phone Specials with Cost Waivers off Bundles

FREE Access to recorded 2017 Training Seminars from the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber’s Business Insights On-Demand Library

The full list of companies and services are available HERE.

If you are interested, please contact the Michelle Pierre or Christiane Hope at the DRC at 632 4051.