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September 7, 2018
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So you can’t get past hello without wishing the worst for your spouse?  Neither can you stay in the same room without getting into an argument with your spouse? Are you dreading the divorce process because of these emotional setbacks? Here’s an easy, faster solution to avoid too much stress during the process: Divorce Mediation.

Open, transparent, neutral mediation

Divorce mediation facilitates open and transparent communication between two disputing parties with the intervention of a neutral third party in order to come to a mutual agreement. Involving a neutral third party will ultimately lift the load of miscommunication, limiting pointless arguments that lead to bitter and resentful negotiations during the divorce process. No, don’t misunderstand. This isn’t couples therapy.

Professionally trained mediators aren’t trying to force you to save your marriage. The role of the mediator is to simply provide a safe space for you and your spouse to hammer out the details of the divorce, such as finances and child custody without the expense of court, without emotional distress and without affecting your children.



Reduce your stress levels

Essentially divorce mediation is a stress-free healthier alternative that offers realistic, fair solutions that you both can agree to. It’s a win-win situation. When it comes to the involvement of children, a win-win situation is the only situation we care about.

And when it comes to your assets, this is also a win-win situation, as again the mediation process facilitates the mutual agreement of both parties. Therefore, with mediation, you can look forward to expecting only what you deserve and no more or less.

Hire the professional mediators             

Don’t try to hire a random friend or relative to be your mediator either. Mediation isn’t just your unbiased friend that has your best interest at heart. When hiring a mediator, don’t be afraid to ask questions to make sure they are licensed professionals that can get you the solutions you need. Seek a skilled mediation professional that has divorce mediation training skills specifically. The trained professionals at the Dispute Resolution Centre have the experience you need for a peaceful divorce.

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