Facilities - Dispute Resolution Centre | Serving The Caribbean

T he Dispute Resolution Centre is available to assist your institution by providing competent and neutral facilitation of potentially difficult meetings. We can facilitate meetings which, are expected to be contentious or complex, or meetings in which the in-house facilitator is not in a position to provide neutral leadership.


The Dispute Resolution Centre is conveniently located on the outskirts of Port of Spain. The Centre is housed on the ground floor of the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber Building and is privately located with a separate entrance at the side of the building. During mediation sessions, the Centre is entirely reserved for the parties and their attorneys, providing privacy.

Meeting Rooms

The Centre has a main meeting room and breakout room to manage mediations of up to 12 persons. The Centre also has access to larger meeting rooms at the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber to accommodate larger groups or to facilitate simultaneous mediation sessions.


The Centre offers convenient parking at the Chamber at no extra cost. The car park can accommodate over 50 vehicles.

Electronic Access

During the mediation session, parties have access to telephone, fax, email, internet, and multimedia services at the Centre.

Security of Documents

The Centre stores all mediation documents in a separate secure filing cabinet with controlled access to these files restricted to the Executive Director and the staff involved in the process.